The breech was originally a Crooked Barn .375 shot shell or .375 caliber muzzle loading round balls pictured at the left.

Pictures below was a Crosman 2260 that I replaced the factory breech with a custom breech from Crooked Barn.

I made the 24 inch barrel for it and modified the valve for more power. Still the gun was not quite what I wanted. I bought a old .22 L.R . rifle stock and a gun show and was going to try and fabricate a trigger housing and make a true air shotgun..

Never got around to it and recently an Internet friend wanted to sell his 2260, so I bought it so I could convert it into the .375 shot gun. I decided to make a reloader for the shot shells just because I thought it would make a nice accessory for the 375-2260.

As you can see in the pictures the reloader has an Aluminum base and press pivot column. It's turned from aluminum and tapers to the final stem size that holds the press's arm. The arm & knob is also aluminum and has the ram attached to the Arm.

The small stem under the arm is machined from steel as is the Ram. They are turned so they fit into the empty Crosman 1100 shot shells . You place the empty shot shell over the stem and place a wad in the shot shell mouth. Using the ram seat the wad into the bottom of the case . Using the Lee powder measure dipper and brass funnel I made, fill the dipper with lead shot.  I use #9 shot. Place another wad over the shot and use the ram to seat in  the case over the shot. Remove the loaded case. The Ram's stem keeps the wads straight while reloading.

Air Shotgun 2260-375