I have been riding motorcycles for about 41 years and really enjoy the sport. I raced for about six years. I raced motocross, hare scrambles, TT scrambles, 1/4 mile oval short tracks, 1/2 mile oval dirt tracks. Some fun years with a lot of memories

Below are some pictures of bikes I have previously owned but only a small number of them as I do not have pictures of all the ones I have owned there were several and usually more than one bike at a time. There were more motorcycles in between the ones in the pictures.

One of my Favorites was a 1974 Kawasaki K900 a 1972 HD Sportster was another favorite although none were dogs.

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The One that started it all.

1967 Triump Daytona Special 500cc twin.

1978 Yahama 650cc twin

1997 Honda VFR Interceptor

1982 Goldwing Interstate 1200cc

The Motel & Gas station at Deal's Gap

Pictures of Motorcyclces I currently own.

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Ultra Classic

My Main ride
1998 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic
Fuel Injected


Kawasaki Vulcan LTD 500cc

My 2002 Kawasaki Vulcan 500cc twin
This is my around town bike and running errands
Probably an under estimated bike.
Has Ninja motor with six speed tranny and counter-balancer
Makes it nice for longer crusing and pretty quick for 500cc


Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc single

For a more comprehensive list try Ron Cramers extensive list of motor cycle links on the web at Ron Cramers Links